Laser & Therapies


Lasers / Skin Rejuvenation

Lasers have advanced significantly and are used to address a variety of cosmetic needs such as skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring, rosacea, age and red spot removal, sun damage, tattoo removal and more.



Fractionated eCo2 laser

This skin resurfacing/rejuvenation procedure has been widely heralded as the anti aging breakthrough of the decade. It combines the effectiveness of the traditional CO2 carbon dioxide lasers with a new application technique that significantly reduces downtime (about 4 – 6 days) and negative side effects. The fractioned eCO2 addresses problems such as sun spots, acne scarring and wrinkles. The results are dramatic and can last 8 – 10 years. Youthfulness is restored to the skin and it helps the body restore its natural collagen production Patients look years younger and skin tone, texture and appearance is dramatically improved.