Revitalize Your Look with Facelift Surgery in Fort Myers

Discover a Youthful Appearance with Florida’s Top Plastic Surgeon

There’s a reason why facelifts are the top facial plastic surgery performed: they combine a natural look with a lasting youthful appearance. A facelift is an elective cosmetic facial surgery procedure to improve the appearance of the lower face and neck by lifting and tightening the skin.

Dr. Prendiville performs a highly technical multi-layer Deep Plane facelift to give natural results in facial rejuvenation. Dr. Prendiville’s facelift techniques seamlessly reposition the deeper tissues of the face and allow for removal of redundant skin — eliminating lines and wrinkles that can’t be fixed with creams or topical treatments.

It’s important to know that a facelift does not elevate the eyebrows. Nor does a facelift remove extra eyelid skin. Those are separate surgical procedures.

Dr. Prendiville will perform your facelift with a combination of IV sedation and local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art surgical center. Your facelift will be done as an outpatient procedure — you can go home the same day with a responsible adult.

Most facelift candidates are in their mid 40’s to mid 70’s. However, Dr. Prendiville evaluates patients based on a physiologic, not chronologic age. Most healthy individuals are good candidates. Realistic goals and a stable psychological profile are essential for undergoing a facelift procedure.

Facelifts tackle the signs of aging.

Skin is affected by age, sun exposure, heredity, smoking, and even stress. With Dr. Prendiville’s expertise, a facelift procedure can remove excess skin, firming up tissue and muscle, and then redraping the skin for a smoother appearance to your neck and face.

Say goodbye to sagging skin.

Facelifts are a restorative surgery — using a process called “undermining” the loose skin on your face and neck will be tightened for a natural look. We’ll reposition the muscles and tissues beneath your skin, then trim excess skin for a smooth, firm face and neck.

Give a new contour to your jawline and neck.

Gravity is a fact of life — especially when it comes to the skin on our face. With more skin elasticity, loose skin tends to hang off the jaw and neck — creating those jowls and double chins we all look to eliminate. Dr. Prendiville can redefine the contours of your once strong jawline.

Men are good candidates for facelifts, too.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that facelifts are in the top five of cosmetic procedures for men; with men making up nearly 10% of all facelifts. Men can see the same amazing benefits that women are looking for — eliminating sagging facial skin and wrinkles.

Natural-looking results that last.

There was a time when facelifts had that frozen, overdone look. The good news is that advancements in cosmetic procedure techniques have shifted from merely tightening skin to repositioning underlying tissue to create the natural appearance we all want. You’ll still look like yourself, just younger!

Should I be concerned about scarring?

You can go into your facelift procedure relaxed, knowing that today’s incisions are virtually invisible, eliminating any scarring. Most incisions are made behind the ear or along the hairline so any incision marks are concealed. No one but you and Dr. Prendiville will know the secret to your new look.

How much downtime should I expect?

You don’t have to worry about a long downtime wrapped in bandages. With today’s modern procedures, facelifts are now less invasive with smaller incisions and advanced skin tightening techniques. And our gentler techniques mean less downtime. In fact, most patients are back to their daily routine in two weeks!
The decision to choose facelift surgery should be carefully thought out and not rushed. Your facelift is a decision for you and not for anyone else.

The smart first step is to schedule a consult with Dr. Prendiville. Call 239.437.3900 to request a free initial consultation with Dr. Prendiville today.

Facelift Before & After Photos

Facelift before and after with Dr. Stephen Prendiville