Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for nasal reconstruction, surgery that changes the shape of the nose. It is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure to enhance the form and function of the nose.

Dr. Prendiville uses rhinoplasty surgery to refine an individual’s appearance while respecting the structure and function of the nose. What’s possible in rhinoplasty depends largely on the patient’s starting anatomy.


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Reasons to consider Rhinoplasty.

As we age, it’s not unusual to become unhappy with the appearance of our noses. Or perhaps you have felt self-conscience of your nose since childhood.
Our most common nose complaints we hear about are:

  • Broken nose
  • Tip of nose is too small
  • Tip of nose is too bulbous or droopy
  • Nose is too wide or big
  • Nose is bent or crooked
  • Unattractive bridge
  • Nostrils are too small
  • Nostrils are too upturned or wide

With rhinoplasty, the only age requirement is that the midface has matured adequately. Most of Dr. Prendiville’s patients seeking rhinoplasty range from their mid-teens to early 50’s. However, we evaluate rhinoplasty patients based on physiologic and not chronologic age. Most healthy post pubescent individuals that have nasal characteristics which can be addressed by rhinoplasty are good candidates for surgery.

Your free initial consultation.

Your initial consultation with Dr. Prendiville will focus on your goals. You will discuss what you wish the procedure will accomplish and how you want to feel. Dr. Prendiville will then design a procedure that will result in a beautiful, proportional nose in harmony with your facial structure.

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face. Therefore, Rhinoplasty demands your surgeon has the experience and artistic skills to perform the job the right way. Dr. Prendiville is your smart choice.

To learn more about the positive changes possible through nasal reconstruction surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Prendiville today.



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