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Rhinoplasty is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the form and sometimes the function of the nose. Our goal in rhinoplasty surgery is to make changes that will refine an individual’s appearance while respecting the structure and function of the nose.

The changes that can be made in rhinoplasty depend largely on the patient’s starting anatomy. Some noses require shaping by removal of a prominent hump, others by straightening a crooked appearance, others still by refining a drooping or enlarged nasal tip. Certain changes are feasible in some individuals, and not in others. A complete consultation is required prior to consideration of surgery.

The only age requirement for rhinoplasty is that the midface has matured adequately. Most patients seeking rhinoplasty in my practice range from their mid teens to early 50’s. However, we evaluate patients based on physiologic and not chronologic age. Most healthy post pubescent individuals that have nasal characteristics which can be addressed by rhinoplasty are good candidates for surgery.

Rhinoplasty ranges in price from around $7950-$8950